SAFARI URBAIN is a collection of pictures taken on the by over the years, motifs mostly from walls silently calling out to be photographed.

Safari Urbain. Rhino Squad, Geneva
Jim Morrison’s gravestone #2, Père Lachaise, Paris
“Morrison Hotel”- Jim Morrison’s gravestone #1. Père Lachaise, Paris
Leftovers. Bastille Quarter, Paris
Faces II. Bastille Quarter, Paris
Faces III. Bastille Quarter, Paris
Faces I. Bastille Quarter. Paris
Wall Art. Paris
Moulin Rouge, backside. Paris.
Three Faces. Moulin Rouge backside. Paris
François Truffaut’s grave. Montmartre, Paris
Attending Yves Montand’s Funeral. Père Lachaise, Paris
Bat on iron door. Père-Lachaise, Paris
Seine-boat passenger. Paris
Chairs. Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris
Métro République. Paris
On the Road. Germany
Relais de France. Roadside, France
St.Raphael. On the Road near Verdun, France
Vichy. Roadside, France
Dubonnet. Roadside, France
11. Roadside, France
Lucy. Roadside, France
Valentine.Roadside, France
Suze. Roadside, France
Cinzano. Roadside, France
Meubles. Pontarlier, France
Hennessy.Montelimar, France
Papiers Peints. Roadside, France
Silhouette. From Westminster Bridge, London
Pigeon & Tate. From Victoria Embankment, London
Ready for a Ride. Muswell Hill, London
Battersea Power Station. Battersea, London
Security. Battersea, London
Nomad Footprint. London
Within the Bells of Bow. East End, London
Money! East End, London
Capitalism strikes 100%. East End, London
Capitalsim strikes 100% #2. East End, London
The Man Inside. Southwark, London
Opening in Autumn. Covent Garden, London
Autumn Winds. Wanstead Flats, London
Rush-hour. Liverpool Street Station, London
Oxford Street, London
Friseur. Berlin
UFO Sound Studios. Berlin
Inside U.F.O. Recording Studios. Berlin
Im Eimer. Squad. Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin 10/1990
Im Eimer. Squad. Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin 10/1990
Im Eimer. Squad. Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin 10/1990
Im Eimer. Squad. Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin 10/1990
Gig. Im Eimer. Squad. Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin 10/1990
Sacharow. East Side Gallery, Berlin 1990
How’s God? East Side Gallery, Berlin 1990
The Kiss. East Side Gallery, Berlin 1990
Letters & Shade. In front of Bauhaus Museum, Berlin
Casino, Schönhauser Allee, Berlin
U-Bahnhof Nollendorfplatz, Berlin
Max Span. Airfield, Berlin
Café Leopold Hawelka. Dorotheergasse, Vienna
Café Hawelka. Vienna
Inside Café Hawelka. Vienna
“Psyche”. Dr Freud’s Mirror, Vienna
Traffic. Ringstrasse, Vienna
Rain.Ringstrasse, Vienna
Suitcase. Here, there, everywhere
Suitcase-stickers. Here, there, everywhere
I hate clean Walls.Vienna
Innocence. Soap. Vienna
Wall. Arena, Vienna.
Café Remor, Geneva
Inside Café Remor, Geneva
Wall in Bois de la Bâtie, Geneva
Vaporisateur. Eaux-Vives, Geneva
Tram-stop. Eaux-Vives, Geneva
Tram-wires. Avenue de la Jonction. Geneva
Bar. Rome, Italy
Painted over. Graffitto. Eaux-Vives Quarter, Geneva
Silhouette-man. Gare des Eaux-Vives, Geneva
Dog & Shadow. Eaux-Vives Quarter, Geneva
Broken Glass Face. Geneva
Dragon. Ljubljana
Elbtunnel. Hamburg
Sinclair.On the Road. Wyoming USA
On the Road. USA 1992
Taxi. Tunis, Tunisia

Café de l’usine. On the Road, France